Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Following a seal

Electronic tags make it possible to record where seals go when they are at sea. One tagged female came to Piedras Blancas and the research team removed her tag and retrieved the data from it.

Team leader Patrick Robinson writes:

We downloaded the instruments from that seal (ID = GM778) and the data look great. She foraged up off the Canadian coast and ventured near a few seamounts up there.

She was also an interesting diver. Most of her dives were of typical depth and duration, but she had one remarkable dive to 1180 meters lasting more than 71 minutes! (see attached dive profile).

We have been using a website ( to display our tracking data to the public. Last season's data are available on these two pages. Check back for updates on our most recent deployments!

I've also attached a couple of photos of our team weighing seals. Weights are obtained at deployment and recovery so we can gauge foraging success during each trip.

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