Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing survival

This female seal slept on the beach today, showing off her almost completely healed shark bite scar. The wound must have nearly bitten off her right flipper. How she continued to hunt and feed herself and heal is nothing short of amazing. These animals have remarkable recuperative powers.

The young males on the beach have been active lately, several of them sparring in the water as well as on land. The beach remains well populated. Even though it was foggy today, they moved down close to the water to lie on the cool, wet sand.

In less happy news, six Gray Seals were shot in Cape Cod.

"While no one condoned violence against the animals, the news has resurrected the difference of opinion about the seals in Chatham," Vivian Yee writes in the Boston Globe.

The conflict sounds similar to the shooting of three elephant seals here in California that was solved by NOAA. Human wildlife conflicts typically end up with the wildlife the loser.

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