Monday, September 6, 2010

Pinedorado Parade

Pinedorado is the major holiday weekend in Cambria. The story is that, like Brigadoon, Cambria is replaced once a year with another town, mythical Pinedorado. The parade on Saturday morning kicks off the events.

Every local group, some informal ones created for the occasion, has an entry. I marched with Friends of the Elephant Seal. We assembled at the end of the parade route so that Charmaine Coimbra could take this picture. She posted a series at!/album.php?aid=207745&id=183449522622&fbid=424131627622&ref=mf.

I liked the Kelptics, left in a photo from the Tribune, They created musical instruments from trumpet mouthpieces and kelp. Who Knew?
The Dancing Dogs, who trotted along beside their owners, stopped periodically to dance on their hind legs with their companions. The Friends of the Library pushed carts of books.
More than 60 organizations participated. FES docents always get applause and thanks. We hope it's also a recruiting tool for new docents. Training is in October and November, in time to get informed docents out on the bluff before the breeding season starts in late December.

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