Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunny daze

This attractive female and impressive male both arrived on the beach today. Their wet skin shines in the sun. Both look healthy and well nourished.

They appeared to arrive separately, but as soon as they were on the beach, they began to interact. The male moved closer, and the female retreated. Another female who had been on the beach all morning moved away from the bull, too.

The rest of the juveniles rested on the beach, from the dunes to the water's edge. It was warm and sunny, so they tossed a lot of sand on themselves.

Several visitors expressed concern that this mature bull was dead. He isn't, and helpfully wriggled around periodically to reassure the anxious. It's easy to understand how people think so, and how they often reported dead seals back in the 1990s, when the seals first started coming to Piedras Blancas.
I usually tell peole, When one of them is dead, it really looks dead.

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