Monday, February 13, 2017

Black Beauty

This pup wiggled her way right up to the fence next to the boardwalk where visitors view the seals. everyone was delighted with  her. too delighted. they were reaching through the fence to pet her. She didn't seem to mind, but getting friendly with people is not good for wild animals. petting is fine for domestic animals, but it's harassment to wild animals. The Marine Mammal Center sent a team out to rescue her.

Animals sometimes need to be rescued just because they are in the wrong place. Being too close to people -- and their dogs -- puts an animal at risk. this pup's teeth were only beginning to emerge, but a bite would not be harmless. Think, a 100-pound dog biting you.

Ideally, weaned pups should weigh about 100 kg, 220 lbs. She weighed only 57 kg, 125 pounds. not huge, but she was otherwise healthy. The Marine Mammal Center sends weaned pups that have stranded to the main hospital at Sausalito if they weigh 50 kg or less.

They decided she didn't need any further care, and transported her to a more isolated beach and turned her loose. Her future is in the wild.

She has an orange tag, indicating that she was rescued, on her back flipper, number WO217. Keep an eye out for her.

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