Monday, December 22, 2014

High tides

Two seals got into the viewing area last week. Thanks to Susan Garman for sending the photos from the Marine mammal Center Rescue Team. Here's the tv report.
This bull obligingly lies by an interpretive sign.

Difficult for visitors to get out on the boardwalk with this guard in place.

The high tides and lack of sand have made the north part of the beach inhospitable to mothers and pups. This morning, it was completely inundated by waves.
Waves lap against the base of the cliffs, leaving little safe space for pups. Pups can't swim until they are three months old, and are in danger of drowning.

It didn't bother this massive bull, but the female next to him better find a better place to have her pup.

That nose grows throughout his life. He's certainly a senior bull.

At least two new pups have joined the first one, born over a week ago. This sectionof the south beach has remained above the high tide line. The mothers are lying on the ocean side of their pups. I like to think they are protecting them.

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