Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Clearing the beach

This big fellow emerged from the waves on to the beach Monday morning with an agenda. He headed right for the younger male who was quietly sleeping there, and chased him right back into the water.
 He's clearly a senior male. That nose grows throughout their lifetime, and he's got a long one.
 The seal in his sights was concealed from my vantage point on the bluff.
 The younger, smaller seals start to scatter.
 The other seal is big, but younger, judging from the development of his nose.
 Maybe six or seven years old.
 He bullies the other along. Seals get out of the way.
 From this photo, they are close in size. But not in dominance!
 And don't come back!
Interestingly, the dominant seal didn't bother staying on the beach. He followed the other seal into the water and didn't come out again during the next hour I watched the beach.

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