Thursday, March 13, 2014

Setting a weaner on the right beach

Thje Marine Mammal Center called on Monday with an elephant seal weaner who needed to be relocated. He'd come ashore in Oceano, where the beaches are heavily used. in places, trucks and sand vehicles are allowed. It was not the right place for a weaner.

The team picked him up and brought him to the Morro Bay center. He was fat and healthy. He just needed a better place to live. They decided the Piedras Blancas motel beach would be a good place.

We met the team there and drove down to the beach. There were plenty of other weaners and even some adult females still on the beach. He was reluctant to leave the carrier, but we persuaded him.

The team herded him toward the group of weaners and females.

He let out a few barks to announce himself. the others ignored him, but who knows what an elephant seal registers?

We were confident that he'll fit in and find his way, as the other weaners do. He now has an orange tag, indicating that he is a rehabilitated seal. Perhaps we'll see him again in the future. 

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