Friday, February 21, 2014

Marine Megafauna

I started this MOOC on Marine Megafauna this week. It started two weeks ago, so I was behind, but I've caught up now. I love it!

Students have signed up from around the world, so the Forums to discuss the classwork are fascinating. People post amazing photos from around the world, too.

Of course, at the start, Elephant Seals seemed like they would be a major subject. After all, what's more Mega than that? But the course shows how amazing ocean life is -- from sea turtles to penguins of all kinds -- including the bluish Fairy Penguins of Australia and New Zealand, who live in burrows under the ground. Mola mola, up to two tons. How cool is that!
This picture is from Australian Animal Learning Zone.
The extinct Megalodon shark as well as modern sharks. This week, it's the Ocean Sunfish,

I've having a great time with it. Even if Elephant Seals aren't the main subject.
This handsome fellow announces himself to the beach.

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