Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter storm

It's been rainy, combined with a high tide. The seals on the beach appear to be doing fine, but I was surprised to find several pups in a deep puddle under the culvert pipe with their mothers. Or with some mothers. This one seal can't be mother to all three of these pups.

I haven't seen pups this young enjoying the water, holding their breath and managing just fine. I've never seen a mother nurse pups under these watery conditions. I'll go out again later and check on them.

When I returned later, all the pups were out of the water, safe and dry on land. That one mother with four pups continued to defend them all against other mothers. Definitely over-achieving.

After the storm moved through, the coast was beautiful. The lighthouse floated on a misty bed of clouds. Could that be Camelot in the distance?

The sun set behind the rocks, which are no longer white with guano. High waves have washed them clean.

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