Thursday, December 13, 2012

First birth and High Tide

The first pup was born December 11! He's looking good and has an experienced and attentive mother. Young adolescent males were harassing her but she chased them away. I hoped one of the three adult males in her vicinity would impose some order on those obstreperous bullies, and finally one of them made some threatening gestures, raising his head  and bellowing, that scattered the youngsters.

When the other seals weren't sniffing her and the baby, the high King tide was splashing waves near, and occasionally, around the pup. The pup can't be seen in the photo above, but he's between the adult male at center front and the light brown mother with her mouth open, barking at him to keep his distance. This morning was the peak, so I hope the beach will not be as threatened as it was today for the rest of the season.

Nearly the entire north beach, shown above, was engulfed in waves. Most of the south beach was, too. I've never seen it this high, even in storms. And today the weather was mild.

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