Friday, October 12, 2012

Plastic entanglement

It's one of the bad things we see at the bluff, a seal with unbreakable plastic around its neck. This seal clearly has had plastic around his neck, but it appears to me that it is now gone. It left behind a severe scar, but he looks like he's doing well.

Another example of why we must reduce plastic use and clean up the oceans. Jean-Michel Cousteau will be speaking on the subject in Colorado next week.

PJ Webb reports that another observer who witnessed the disentanglement of Green Tie last November thinks this seal might be him. Michelle Barbieri of the Marine Mammal Center sedated him and removed a green plastic strap from around his neck last November 11. He was seen on the beach recovering well November 18. Judging from the photos taken at that time and the double scar, it may well be him. Welcome back, Green Tie!

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