Thursday, September 20, 2012

COAST opposes seismic testing

An alliance of organizations and individuals has formed to  oppose PG&E's seismic testing.  Find out more on Facebook or Yahoo.
The C.O.A.S.T. (Citizens Opposing Acoustic Seismic Testing) Alliance, a diverse coalition of individuals, associations and government and non-government organizations is unified in the goal of ending any efforts to permit and undergo high intensity acoustic seismic testing by PG&E in the regions surrounding the Diablo Canyon Power plant on the central coast of California.

Position Statement:
In recognition of the significant biological impacts and the resulting negative impacts to our coastal economy, C.O.A.S.T. seeks a cessation to all preparations for offshore acoustic testing now in progress and an end to all plans to engage in high intensity acoustic testing as means for seismic mapping. The Alliance further recognizes that testing new faults is not mandated in AB 1632 and that the only legal mandate is to review and assess existing studies and thereby makes the proposed testing superfluous and not a legal requisite to adhere to the legislation. We insist that the permitting process cease in accordance with the fact that an issuance of the permit would not comply with the Coastal Act, Chapter 3 and would be in violation of the Endangered Species Act, the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the California MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act), and the Magnusen-Stevens Fisheries Act, as well as several established international marine conservation laws. Further, we insist that the permitting agencies follow the precautionary principle as it relates to biological communities and recognize their responsibility to the human communities involved and to the devastation that the acoustic seismic testing would wreak on the economy of the Central Coast. We understand and agree that mitigation of said impacts by PG&E is an unacceptable option and cannot be construed as a responsible solution to the impacts of high intensity acoustic seismic testing both now and in the future.

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