Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marine mammals dead in Peru

From Hardy Jones' BlueVoice site:
The Peruvian government has released a report on the mass mortality of at least 900 dolphins along the coast of Peru that states that “natural causes” and “evolutionary forces” were the cause of death.
BlueVoice, which has funded extended and extensive research conducted by Peruvian veterinarian and marine mammal expert Dr. Carlos Yaipen Llanos, believes that conclusion is nonsense. We present here a narrative history of the mortality event and Dr. Yaipen Llanos’ hypothesis that acoustical trauma followed by rapid ascent leading to catastrophic decompression is the most likely cause of death. Dr. Yaipen Llanos makes no assertion that seismic testing for oil is associated with the dolphin mortality. However BlueVoice suggests that this form of extremely loud testing makes the seismic tests a primary “element of interest”. Seismic testing was taking place in approximately the same time frame and geographical location as the dolphin mass mortality.

We stress that Dr. Yaipen Llanos has made no assertion that the mass mortality event was caused by seismic testing by oil companies.
It should be noted that some highly regarded experts who question Dr. Yaipen Llanos’ conclusion of acoustical trauma/decompression syndrome, freely admit that they have very little information to assess. Neither do they have an alternative hypothesis."

Acoustic seismic testing is what PG&E has proposed for the Central Coast to map the earthquake faults in the area, with regard to relicensing Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant. Their idea of mitigation is to fly an airplane over and stop the 18 airguns, firing every 15-20 seconds 24 hours a day if they see any marine mammals in the area.

This is the ocean. There are always marine mammals of all kinds here. The fact that the 'seismic testing' is exactly the same as searching for oil is not coincidental. The draft EIR and comments are under consideration by the  California Land Commission. PG&E plans to start in August.

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