Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day 2012

I'll be the first speaker at 11 am Sunday April 22 at San Luis Obispo's Botanical Garden Earth Day celebration. The presentation is Raising Urban Chickens: A Guide to Backyard Poultry, so I'll have pictures of as many traditional breeds as I can put into my PowerPoint. I'll also talk about incorporating chickens into sustainable gardening.

This relates more to ocean health than is immediately obvious: waste from commercial poultry farms has polluted Chesapeake Bay beyond reclamation and contributes to pollution around the world. raising chickens in small flocks and using them to consume food waste and create topsoil is important in moving toward sustainable food networks. It's all connected.

My presentation is followed by Beach COMBERS' What Happens When Sea Life Encounters Plastic Pollution. An elephant seal with blue plastic strapping around her neck is on the beach at Piedras Blancas. Plastic pollution is a critical issue for marine life. Limiting plastic use and disposing of plastic safely is important to clean and healthy oceans.

Come out and spend the day with us at the botanical garden/ Lots more going one.

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