Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rehabbed seals released

The Marine Mammal Center released four rehabilitated animals at Leffingwell Landing in Cambria today: two Northern fur seals, one Guadalupe fur seal and one sea lion. They were all young animals. The two Northern fur seals were eager to escape back to the ocean as soon as the truck arrived. They left their cages and headed right for the ocean. Both bobbed their heads up several times as they swam away.

 The sea lion seemed a bit intimidated by the crowd. About 30 people had assembled to witness the release.

We all lined up giving the animals several feet on each side and a clear route to the ocean, but it all those people must have been strange. He stopped and the Guadalupe fur seal exited his cage and caught up with him.

They lingered, sniffing each other and looking around for several minutes. Then they hit the waves.

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  1. How amazing to witness and participate in the sea mammal work you do!