Monday, December 26, 2011

Pups on the beach

About a dozen pups are visible from the South boardwalk at Piedras Blancas. The first was born December 17. Re liable reports say additional pups have been born on beaches near the lighthouse. Although the beach isn't very crowded yet, two of the mothers were caring for two pups each already. As usual, a certain amount of confusion reigns.

This pup and his mother barked at each other, perhaps getting acquainted.

This pair were happily settled in.

Friends of the Elephant Seal are moving forward with plans to place a Webcam at the viewpoint. "We have reached our financial goal to place a live camera in the rookery," says the latest newsletter. "The equipment has been purchased and shipped to California State Parks personnel for installation. State Parks has informed us that they expect the installation to be completed early in 2012--in time for the peak of the birthing season. When the camera is installed, images of elephant seal behavior can be accessed by anyinternet-capable computer from anywhere in the world."

A Webcam is no substitute for being there, but it will be a welcome addition. Visitors who have been enchanted by seeing the seals can keep track of them from home, where ever that may be. And others who have never been to California can whet their appetite for witnessing this phenomenon.

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