Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Community Supported Fishery

This week the Community Supported Fishery delivered Blackgill Rockfish. It's a deep water species, a red rockfish with strong head spines, as you can see.
What we received was white meaty fish. Mike Tognazzini showed us how to remove the bones for frying or baking. When I make fish chowder, I'm inclined to leave them in, as I think they impart more flavor.
I have to admit, I've not been much of a fish eater these past years. What with the discussion of overfishing,, the toxic contamination of fish high on the food chain,, I gave up some years ago. I'll eat fish and chips with my husband at our favorite local spot, but rarely buy fish to cook at home.
The CSF is changing my mind. Like fruits and vegetables, truly fresh fish makes a huge difference. This fish is absolutely delicious, beyond describing to someone who hasn't eaten it. The eight ounce portion sounded small for the two of us. We're good eaters. The fish I cooked provided a full meal at dinner and two portions left over, which made excellent fish sandwiches the following day.
I'm learning to cook fish. I've used a package breading my daughter sent me, Louisiana Fish Fry, She's a purist, only eats what she catches herself. [She lives in northern Louisiana and fishes in fresh water.] For the rockfish, I coated it in a light egg batter. The previous week, Black Cod, I omitted the egg, having been cautioned that the cod is naturally oily. It was, but also delicious.
Cost is $75 for a half share, eight ounces of fish once a week, $144 for a full share, a pound of fish once a week. A bargain, because you won't find this in the supermarket.
I can't recommend this program highly enough. If you live in San Luis Obispo county, call Margie Hurd, (805) 481-5827,, to sign up.

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