Sunday, August 25, 2013

Youngsters arriving

As summer draws to a close, the young seals start arriving on the beach for their fall haul-out. The young of the year, last January's pups, return at this time, too. Several very small seals are already on the beach. They may be this year's pups, already successful at their first migration.

 They co-exist comfortably with the adults and subadults on the beach. They may tussle with each other, but they don't pick on the kids.

Adults made their presence known from the water. This one kept raising his head out of the water and bellowing, as if challenging other males to come get him.
These two adult males are completing their molt, while the third above them already shows his 2013 skin.

Monday, August 12, 2013


A flock of pelicans dropped down out of the sky, gracefully landing on the water. They weren't actively feeding, diving from the air into the water, but there must have been something there to attract them.
 They flapped around as if they were bathing, cleaning their feathers.
 Some appeared to have fish in their bills.
 And poking the water for fish.
 Their wingspan is powerful. You can almost hear the whirl of their wings.

Monday, August 5, 2013

More boys on the beach

 Adult males enjoy the beach in August. They don't have much to do except let their skin peel off and rest.
 This impressive male has a well-developed chest shield, indicating he's mature. They can live to 14 years but 12 is the prime breeding year.
 New skin needs not additional treatment. Just peel off the old layer and the new is ready to wear. This experienced old guy has scars to show his years. Initially, I thought he had something on his head, but it's just light-colored old skin.
Lying around in a pile makes a good day at Piedras Blancas.